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Autographed Book Order Form

I'm glad to sign books purchased for the day of my visit. A signed, personalized book has more meaning to a child. They are more connected to the book, the reading, and more likely to remember the visit. I also have signed bookmarks on hand so no one is left out.

Please download my order form (below) and it's included book descriptions.

Helpful tips for a successful book sale:

1) Send a letter home announcing my visit, along with a book order form. Please give families a specific date to return forms and money.


2) Order books through me approx. 3-4 weeks in advance of the scheduled visit, using your pre-order book forms. I usually have extra books         on hand for “last minute” or day of visit orders, but the pre-selling should account for the majority of the books. The best way to contact           me is by email.

3) I will arrive with books day of my visit and will sign them during lunch and throughout the day.

    Some schools prefer students who have purchased books, to watch me personalize them individually. This works well if it is well organized.      Please allow extra time.  (This is where my bookmarks come in handy, so no one gets left out!)


4) Please have someone in charge of organizing the books by classroom to make it run smoothly.

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