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Bilingual (English/Lakota)

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Spring 2021!

"Ikto'mi Bring About the Death of an Iya"


The traditional oral Lakota story of Ikto'mi - the trickster - comes to life thanks to a continuing collaboration with the Thunder Valley Lakota Language Initiative in Pine Ridge, South Dakota. The story tells of Ikto'mi's craftiness in outsmarting a terrifying Iya (a giant) and is written in both Lakota and English.

(multi-generational; leveled reader+)

Bilingual (English/Mohawk)

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"The Legend of the Hermit Thrush"


Based on the Iroquois legend of the Great Spirit's search for the most beautiful voice to sing his song, "The Legend of the Hermit Thrush" is beautifully-written by author Mary Morton Cowan and will be a lavishly-illustrated homage to this little bird. The story is told in both English and Mohawk.*

Mary is an award-winning author who writes for young readers. She is a native of Maine and a graduate of Bates College, where she concentrated her studies in English and Music. In addition to books, her articles and stories have been published in more than eighty issues of children’s magazines, and several have been reprinted in textbooks and anthologies.

*Mohawk is the largest speaking group of the Iroquois Nation

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"Wee Angus"


One cold, snowy night a farmer finds an orphaned lamb and brings him in the house. The family takes care of him and names him 'Wee Angus' because he's so very small. The farmer tries to introduce him to the rest of the flock but Angus doesn't smell like a sheep. He doesn't sound like a sheep. He doesn't even ACT like a sheep.


Will Angus ever fit in with the others?  Follow this true-heart and sensitive soul as he learns the importance of being true to yourself.

(Early, leveled reader: Ages 5-9)

Bilingual (English/Lakota)

"Grandfather Thunder & The Night Horses"


Loosely based on the Lakota Sioux legend of the Thunder Horses, this pre-K thru early reader is a creation story of the origin of thunder and lightning.  A little girl, frightened by a storm, is comforted by her Grandmother's telling of Grandfather Thunder and the arrival of the Night Horses.  Dotted with Lakota vocabulary and vibrant, full-color watercolor illustrations, this story is sure to ease your little one's worries and get them outside after the storm to look for Grandfather's "gifts."

(pre-K/early reader thru 2nd grade; ages: 3-9)

**To hear the audio of the story, narrated by the talented Peter Hill, please scroll down to "Grandfather Thunder & The Night Horses" under the BOOK page above.

"Seaglass: wayward thoughts of

a wandering heart"


Thoughtful meanderings through a restless mind. Unconscious notions of a sensitive heart. This book of poetry and illustrations offers insights into the strange and sometimes surreal world we live in and the hidden beauty of ordinary moments.

Kick off your shoes and look for seaglass with me...

(Poetry/middle-grade thru adult)

"The Legend of the Black Grim"

When Granger Ironwood's family inherits his late uncle's house and ministry, he doesn't think his luck could get any worse but he couldn't be more wrong. The town of Grimwold is hiding a dark secret... 


Is there more to the story of the monstrous creature that roams the streets at night looking for souls to steal or is it just a way to keep naughty children from staying out past curfew? 


Lock the doors and huddle under your covers.  This tale isn't for the faint of heart.  Available now at Amazon.com if you dare...

(Middle-grade/Horror; ages: 8-12)

"Popover - Little Mouse in a Big World"

Popover is a little mouse with big ideas.  When he wakes up one morning and decides he doesn't want to be little anymore, he sets out to show his family just how big he is.  But sometimes being big is harder than it seems.  

"Popover - Little Mouse in a Big World" is sure to find a big place in your heart.


 Available on Amazon.com & Kindle.

(pre-K/early reader; ages: 3-8)

"How Do You Catch a Falling Star?"

A book about the bottomless, innocent imagination of a child.  Instead of going to sleep, a boy tries to catch a star of his very own.  WIth the help of his trusty "kitty companion" they imagine a day of adventure trying to catch a star in a variety of ways.  


Will they do it?  Can they catch a falling star?


This story is a perfect early reader for Pre-K thru 2nd grade as well as an early math and problem-solving search book.  How many stars can you find hidden in its pages?  How would you catch a falling star?  


Snuggle up with your special little one and join the adventure!

(pre-K/early reader; ages: 3-8)