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New Year. New Adventures...

Wow! Have I really fallen off the grid with my posts?! It's been more than a year - death in the blogging world! I haven't exactly been resting here on my laurels. (Not that I have any to rest upon but still.)

I assure you, dear reader, I have been up to things of a literary and creative nature and have big plans for the coming year. The least of which is my New Year's resolution not to make resolutions. Instead, I plan to get back to obsessive writing like there's no tomorrow and hope beyond hope that there is or I'm going to the grave with all these crazy characters churning in my brain and bursting at the seams of my subconscious to get onto the page. Here's to finding inspiration in the mundane and plot development in the daydreams. May your new year be bold, life-affirming and full of love, laughter, good health, and pure, unadulterated happiness. Now, where's my pen? I feel a new story coming on...

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