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  • Christine Almström

Grandfather Thunder is Rolling!

I've been in talks with Jennifer Meyers of SundanceKid Press Publishing recently about a new project I'm working on, titled "Grandfather Thunder & The Night Horses" and things are shaping up! It is a project I feel very strongly about as it is written in both English and Lakota.

Loosely based on the Lakota Sioux legend of the thunder horses, it's a creation story about the origins of thunder, lightning and horses. I will be working with the Thunder Valley CDC - Lakota Language Initiative to make sure the language is accurate and respectful. We're hoping to put out an audio version of the book, as well.

You can check out some of the illustrations in progress.

Doksa ake waunkte! (Doe-ka-shtay)!

Which means 'later!' in Lakota.

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